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Published October 30, 2007

Samantha Beazley


Samantha Beazley before, left, and after her Style By Jury makeover.

What’s your first impression of Samantha Beazley?

The look our jury saw was extreme and more like a Halloween costume than anything else. She had long, jet-black hair decorated with blue extensions. She wore a leather dog collar studded with sharp three-inch spikes around her neck. She matched that with a shiny, super low-cut PVC dress topped with a long shiny coat, and shiny platform boots with a row of sharp spikes up the front. Her teeth were crooked, stained and crowded. Dark eyeliner, black lipstick and long black vinyl gloves completed her wardrobe.

Our jury nearly jumped out of their seats when they saw her. Their comments were: “Rocky Horror Picture Show here we come … She looks like the bride of Frankenstein … if I was a bad boy and needed a spanking this is the girl I’d want … Definitely dominatrix … The boobs hanging out is completely inappropriate, that’s negative attention ... It’s a statement saying keep your distance but notice me.”

Samantha admitted the jury got a lot of things right. “Being a goth I get power and respect. It’s a very good shield to keep people away.”

Samantha was ready for a change so we took her to meet psychotherapist Debra Mecklinger. She says, “Sam’s paid a high price for using this goth look as protective armour, but I think she’s ready to move forward and shed the past.”

One way to make a change is with a beautiful brand new smile. So we sent Sam to see our dental team, Dr. Arma Afsar and Dr. Andrew Charkiw. They gave her laser-gum recontouring to reduce her gummy smile, and eight hand-crafted dental veneers from the Pro-Art Laboratory.

Her Halloween wardrobe was no match for the tricks and treats of our wardrobe stylist David Clemmer. He took her shopping at Voluptuous boutique for outfits that are colourful, dramatic and attract the right kind of attention.

Our hairstylist Johnny Cupello thought her electric blue hair extensions were too colourful so they were the first to go. He gave her a new look that took her from goth to gorgeous.

Makeup artist Korby Banner’s first job was undoing Sam’s old look. His goal was to “create a new look for Sam that’s just as dramatic as her old look but is more alluring and will invite people in.” When Korby was done, Sam looked in the mirror and gasped, “Oh, my God, I’m a sexy beast!”

See the full story of the transformation of Samantha Beazley tonight at 8:30 ET on Style By Jury exclusively on W network (www.wnetwork.com).

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