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WALK YOUR TALK - Taking the first step - by Deborah Mecklinger

If your "talk" and your "walk" are out of sync, perhaps a coach could put the right rhythm in your step. The first contribution to our "Coach’s Corner" comes from Deborah Mecklinger. Deborah’s extensive CV is matched only by the passion she brings to her work and the empathy she feels toward the girls and women of all ages and backgrounds whom she helps on a daily basis.

WALK YOUR TALK - Taking the first step
By Deborah Mecklinger

If you could walk your talk what would life look like? If your actions were congruent with your beliefs, your desires, your goals and your vision, what would you be doing right now? For many of us, the answers to these questions are unclear. For others, the answers are clear but the route to implementation is fraught with many obstacles that get in the way.

As a coach, I help women gain clarity, set goals and develop realistic plans that help them Walk Their Talk. I work collaboratively with my clients, as I believe that each and every woman is an expert in her own life. My role is to help illuminate the road to the knowledge, power and courage that rest inside each and every one of us.

Armed with a greater sense of self-awareness and enhanced confidence both large and small changes can occur. Couple these personal gains with a strategic plan that is developed within the coaching partnership, clients are able to begin to move forward in purposeful and intentional ways. A well-designed plan that is created from the INSIDE OUT allows individuals to get to where they want to go instead of landing somewhere they never meant to be.

How often is it that we wish for things that we need or want? Working with a coach will enable you to turn these dreams into well-defined targets that can be actively pursued. A goal is specific, focused, realistic, and can be measured periodically. Perhaps now is as good a time as any to start making happen that which you only dare to dream. Yes, you can dream BIG, as long as the pathway is one that is filled with practical and manageable steppingstones.

Perhaps you are considering using a coach because you feel like you are on a treadmill – on the fast track to exhaustion or depletion. Or, maybe you are feeling like now, you can focus more on yourself because others need less of your time. Whether it’s a life transition, personal re-invention or a need to add balance to your life, a coach can help you negotiate these and many other changes with a greater sense of ease. It is often not easy to leave a comfort zone even when it is too tight or no longer fit as it should. Change, though exciting can e overwhelming, but its grand nature should not stand in your way. A coach can help YOU get out of your own way.

If a cat has nine lives women have at least a dozen. It is essential that we remind ourselves that we don’t have to stand in the same place day after day if we don’t like the view. Sometimes it’s hard to remember – in fact some of us don’t even know that we can shift our vantage points, develop new perspectives and build a life around the new vision. When we forget what we are capable of, or need help finding our way, a coach can be the perfect partner to help guide the way.


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