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Redefining Friendships

What can you do when a friendship no longer fits? Remember, friendships may need tailoring to stay au courant.
      Perhaps you and your friend are at different stages or you’re struggling with a friend who needs to be centre stage? Maybe you are grappling with a pal who is never there when you need her or running from one who is a fulltime job?
      If Friendship Frustration has set in, consider taking it to where you want or need it to be. If you find yourself screening calls, saying no to a latte or avoiding someone all together, consider the following:

1. Redefine your vision
Be creative and imagine how change may refresh or transform the relationship.
2. Realign the boundaries
Try sharing at a deeper level, or if you are in too deep, try lightening up. Let your friend in or start letting her out a bit.
3. Rename your friendship
Perhaps your soulmate is now a playmate and your best friend is a dear old friend.

      Friendships are like trees – they blossom, lose their leaves and often change colour. To allow our friendships to flourish, we need to give them room to spread their roots and evolve just as we do. So before you consider retiring a friendship, take the time to give it some TLC. You might be surprised to see what will grow! – Deborah L. Mecklinger, LL.B., M.S.W. Visit walkthetalkcoaching.com.

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